Alpaca Shawl Rose Tan Knitted Solid Alpaca Shawl Rose Tan Knitted Solid
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Alpaca Shawl
Rose Tan Knitted Solid

Shawl knitted winter white is an elegant, lightweight knit of 100% baby alpaca wool that can be worn year-round.

Our knitted series is sophisticated, minimalistic and - true to bufandy - soft as ever.


Knitted shawl


220 x 55 cm / 86'6" x 21'6"


100% baby alpaca



Bufandy is an independent fashion label with a mission to deliver beautiful and timeless products (mostly scarfs), made with respect for the environment and people.

"Our collection is the result of a close cooperation between Peruvian alpaca farming, Ecuadorian craftsmanship and Dutch design. We use high quality materials and choose good craftsmanship in order to develop long-lasting products that everybody can be proud of, both producer and user."

High up in the Andean mountains where nights are cold and vegetation scarce, this is where Alpacas feel at home. These animals are closely related to Llama and Vicuna and have been domesticated since thousands of years for their incredible warm and soft wool. Therefore Alpacas are an important part of indigenous culture, especially in Peru where half of the global Alpaca population can be found.

Perfectly adapted to cold and harsh winters in high altitude areas, the alpaca has a warm fur with a naturally insulating core. This insulating property makes the fiber extremely lightweight and suitable for both summer and winter garments.

And one reason why Bufandy scarfs are so warm and soft.

Their shawls are made of a blend with 80% alpaca and 20% acrylic.
The reason for adding acrylic to our blend is two-fold:

Due to its specific production process with rough brushing and carding, Bufandy’s woven textiles are challenged more on their strength and durability compared to other woven products. This gives Bufandy it’s special ‘fluffy’ look and feel. In order to strengthen the yarn we’ve added 20% acrylic to its composition.

Furthermore, the lengthier acrylic ‘synthetic fibers’ also assist the items to shed less with usage, making it more durable. Both factors lead to an increased average lifespan of each product, following Bufandy’s mission to design quality wardrobe centerpieces that last long.

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