Blouse Beata Kit / light sand Blouse Beata Kit / light sand Blouse Beata Kit / light sand Blouse Beata Kit / light sand Blouse Beata Kit / light sand Blouse Beata Kit / light sand
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Blouse Beata
Kit / light sand

Blouse Beata is een klassieke trui die aan de achterkant nét iets langer is dan aan de voorkant. Dit model heeft een rechte pasvorm, korte splitjes in de zijnaad, een ronde hals en lange mouwen. De afwerking van deze blouse is er fijntjes. Beate is gemaakt van een merino wol en acryl blend. Acryl wordt toegevoegd aan de wol voor het in vorm blijven van het model.

50% merino wol - 50% acryl.


Blouse Beata is a classic piece with a slightly longer backside and small splits in the side seams. This style has a straight fit, a round neckline and long sleeves. The finishing of this blouse is very neatly done. Beate is made out of merino wool and acryl. Acryl will help the knit to remain in shape. 

50% merino wool - 50% acrylic.


Our history
Sibin/Linnebjerg was established in 1997 by two young professionals, wanting to create knitwear fashion of extraordinary quality and thrilling design.

What do we do?
Clothes are communication and the Sibin/Linnebjerg design sends a definitive message of quality, trendy designs and a link to tradition in our choice of raw materials and production methods. We want quality in everything, without compromising, and the best for our customers.

Our designs for younger women, men and for children are a mix of "meeting the future" in modern pieces, and of blending tradition and classic styles, in harmony with what the market wants. You can feel elegant and relaxed and sense a touch of "the catwalk" with our products. Sibin/Linnebjerg represents the Sibin/Linnebjerg™ brand.

What are we?
We are an expanding, internationally oriented business and our customer base is relevant to our choice of market position as an important supplier to shops in Scandinavia and Europe that want to do the best for their customers and that, constantly, want to present the next.

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