Glad you found us! 

10 Years of studio .ruig
Time for something new, something revolutionary


What if…
we will be pioneers


Seasons and the clothing in your store walk the same pace
Design, fitting and fabrics become an art
and fashion will have great value again
Collections will be timeless 

You can order through our online shop
You can order the right piece at the right time
You only order your successful, best selling items
You can order your items whenever you want and whenever you need them


We will be the essentials of your wardrobe

 We are studio .ruig

Become an ambassador of our revolutionary philosophy!
Request your b2b-account by sending an e-mail to: info@studioruig.com


hands and legs.
Barth van Bassenstraat 2 
5622 CT  Eindhoven 
The Netherlands



Jon de Bont:
+31 (0)6 53 52 64 52


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